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This site is among a network of websites by Jesus Work Ministry with major keys for our extraordinary times. Keys on prayer & fasting, spiritual warfare, deliverance, prophecy, etc. Please see the lower part of this page for links to these major sections.


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Jesus Work Ministry’s Mission, Vision & Purpose

Of Entire Ministry:

1) to empower believers and ministries in the body of Christ with liberating biblical principles in their lives,
Although salvation brings deliverance from an old life of sin and condemnation it does not guarantee victory in the new spiritual life. Spiritual salvation is like God’s deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt. They still had to do their part to receive their Promised Land. Otherwise they would have remained in the wilderness for as long as they failed to fulfill their required role.

Jesus Work Ministry shares biblical principles that God expects believers to apply in different areas of our Christian lives. Applying these principles equips us to effectively navigate through life’s trials and obstacles that can potentially hinder us from receiving our promised rewards in this life and after. The principles also help believers to avoid unnecessary obstacles that come through ignorance (lack of knowledge), deception, and sin.

2) to equip believers and ministries in the body of Christ with biblical resources that bring spiritual growth and maturity,
Spiritual maturity is what enables us to take a greater personal role in our Christian lives instead of leaving it to the dictates of circumstances, other people and blind faith. Prolonged spiritual infancy has its avoidable consequences. These include unhealthy dependence on other people who’re assumed to be closer to God - which in turn results in fruitlessness and can sometimes lead to manipulation, spiritual abuse, and deceit. Spiritual infancy can also lead to falling victim to false teachings, deception and ignorance related problems,

3) to fulfill our part in the Great Commission to all people and nations,
God through modern information technology (IT) is enabling the body of Christ to reach even restricted nations that until recently had no gospel access. Traditional evangelism methods in some nations are either restricted or severely hindered by governments and/or extremist groups. The evangelism outreach also includes people that may not have access to books and other Christian resources or may not afford them. Some in developed nations take for granted the privileges we have. Not everyone has these privileges.

4) to help ministry partners in the body of Christ in various evangelistic and charitable outreaches.

Of Ministry on Spiritual Warfare, Deliverance and Healing:
In addition to the above, Jesus Work Ministry has the following major  mission on spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing. Spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing is our primary ministry.

Salvation begins a journey and spiritual life of moving from darkness to light. Throughout this journey some form of deliverance and healing in one area or another is sought -spiritual, social, material, physical and so on. Unfortunately many look in wrong places, ending up in a worse state or going in circles (a spiritual wilderness). Our mission is to overcome all these hurdles. Our vision and mission on spiritual warfare, deliverance and healing is:

5) to equip believers and ministries in the body of Christ with liberating biblical principles on spiritual warfare and deliverance,

6) to overcome harmful non-biblical teachings on spiritual warfare and deliverance by revealing true biblical principles on spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry areas,

7) to provide Christian resources for bringing biblical deliverance and healing among hurting Christians in all areas requiring deliverance,

8) to provide Christian resources for bringing deliverance and healing among those who were once trapped in the false teachings on spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry.

The resources are freely shared online throughout the world, particularly where many cannot afford to pay for such spiritual and Christian living resources. We encourage those in developing nations to share these resources with fellow believers who may not have access to them. End-time false teachings are spreading in developing nations because of lack of resources.

Believers in developed nations are welcome to support or join us in this work of Christ at home and abroad. In developed nations the biggest enemy of the gospel of Christ is not lack of resources but:
1) proliferation of false teachings on television, online, in hardcopy publications, through other media, and among some churches in the body of Christ; and,
2) New Age teachings trying to promote a human version of religion and Christianity.

May we strive to overcome all obstacles to the true and liberating gospel of Christ. The website is growing and evolving. Please keep checking for more resources. Currently there are still more than enough resources on spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry for every Christian and ministry




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