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Topic 3: Prayer, Fasting, Intercession, and the Holy Spirit

Topic 3 has resources on Christian disciplines that constitute our most important weapons of warfare: prayer and fasting. A whole website is now dedicated to prayer and fasting, and the Holy Spirit. It’s at

Occasional fasting empowers us to pray better, it produces a higher conviction level to walk in obedience, and ultimately it enables us to enter the zone of closer union with God where he empowers us with higher levels of anointing, spiritual stamina, and spiritual authority over matters concerning us and concerning others.

1. Prayer & fasting: Major Deliverance & Healing Weapon, by Eric Gondwe, D.D.

2. Individual and corporate prayer, by Eric Gondwe

3. Christ Our Great High Priest, by Martin Luther 

4. Sermon on the Mount (Matt 6:1-15 -on Prayer), by John Wesley 

5. Sermon on the Mount (Matt 6:16-18-on Fasting), by John Wesley 

6. The Word of Jesus on Prayer, by George MacDonald 

7. Man’s Difficulty Concerning Prayer, by George MacDonald



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Jesus Work Ministry: Non-profit Christian resource ministry for effective Christian living and spiritual growth. Major resource center on spiritual warfare, Christian deliverance, and healing ministry.

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