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  Topic 7 -Family, Christian Marriage, Christian Singleness & other Social Areas

Topic 7 has Christian resources on social matters that we have to deal with nearly on a daily basis in our Christian lives. It has largely ‘how to’ resources on family, Christian marriage, Christian singleness and other social areas. Some of the articles and MP3 audio files help to answer questions on Christian singles on how they are to effectively live with being single, for as long as God wills.

Just as family and marriage has its privileges, Christian singleness has its own share of privileges and advantages. And just as family and marriage has its challenges, singleness has its own share. Vivian notes that the secular media increases the challenges of singleness by playing on the senses of belonging and intimacy.

Unfortunately the church is not free from the misinformation. Being a Christian single would be more fruitful if this social area received a balanced biblical teaching. This is particularly a problem from some married Christian authors and ministers.

As Betty Vivian says, “The vast majority of single Christians are preached at almost entirely by married men.” Some have glamorized marriage using selective scripture as the ultimate to happiness and completeness. This influences many Christian singles to constantly feel incomplete and unfulfilled in their singleness.

Her booklet, titled Singleness and God’s Deliverance, is available in this section and also for free download. It is a highly recommended read for Christian singles.

Through her trials and eventual deliverance, Betty Vivian concludes that, “My happiness lies not in my circumstances, but in my being in the centre of God’s will.” Knowing and fulfilling God’s will is our ultimate end as Christians. Living as a Christian single for whatever length or being married ought to be seen from the perspective of God’s unique will for each us per time.

 Each of us (married or single) has some form of self-denial we will have to constantly bear with for the sake of the Gospel. No group is spared and no group has any scriptural claim to say they have it easier than the other.

“If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it,” Mark 8:34-35.

An article on Christian Success covers on how each of us can identify with our unique sacrifices per time and see them as opportunities or tools in fulfilling God’s will, rather than seeing them as troubles.

Christian Success, by Eric Gondwe
Singleness and God’s Deliverance, by Betty Vivian

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