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4. Spiritual warfare, Deliverance
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6. Body of Christ Discipleship
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7. Family, Marriage, Singleness
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Order of the Bible
by Eric Gondwe

The Law (Torah) -- the 5 books of Moses
01) Genesis
02) Exodus
03) Leviticus
04) Numbers
05) Deuteronomy

The Books of History
06) Joshua
07) Judges
08) Ruth
09) 1 Samuel
10) 2 Samuel
11) 1 Kings
12) 2 Kings
13) 1 Chronicles
14) 2 Chronicles
15) Ezra
16) Nehemiah
17) Esther

Wisdom Books
18) Job
19) Psalms
20) Proverbs
21) Ecclesiastes
22) Song of Songs

The Prophets
23) Isaiah
24) Jeremiah
25) Lamentations
26) Ezekiel
27) Daniel
28) Hosea
29) Joel
30) Amos
31) Obadiah
32) Jonah
33) Micah
34) Nahum
35) Habakkuk
36) Zephaniah
37) Haggai
38) Zechariah
39) Malachi


The Four Gospels
40) Matthew
41) Mark
42) Luke
43) John

Acts of the Apostles (or more correctly the Acts of the Holy Spirit)
44) Acts

Letters from the Apostle Paul
45) Romans
46) 1 Corinthians
47) 2 Corinthians
48) Galatians
49) Ephesians
50) Philippians
51) Colossians
52) 1 Thessalonians
53) 2 Thessalonians
54) 1 Timothy
55) 2 Timothy
56) Titus
57) Philemon

Other Letters from other Apostles and New Testament Prophets
58) Hebrews (author unknown. Likely Apostle Paul)
59) James
60) 1 Peter
61) 2 Peter
62) 1 John
63) 2 John
64) 3 John
65) Jude

Apocalypse i.e. Revelation of End Time Prophecy
66) Revelation


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Jesus Work Ministry: Non-profit Christian resource ministry for effective spiritual growth and Christian living. Spiritual growth and Christian living resources include topics (articles, books, MP3 audio sermons) on Christian doctrine, basic Christian principles, prayer, fasting, Christian spiritual warfare, Christian deliverance and healing, evangelism ministry, body of Christ discipleship (Christian discipleship), charity ministry, Bible study, prophecy, Christian marriage, Christian singleness, Christian dating, biblical financial prosperity (biblical financial freedom), etc. Major resource center on spiritual warfare, Christian deliverance and healing ministry. Plus free Christian audio sermons - MP3, available for free download from partner Christian websites and our website.

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